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Office Removals

Planning to move to a bigger office requires just as much time and work as moving to a new house. Yet more than the hassle of legal documents, it is the physical part of the moving process that can be a source of workflow disruption and stress. Fortunately, you can avoid these problems and direct office labour to productivity all throughout the move by availing professional office removal services.

Office removal services are all about helping you relocate to your new office quickly, efficiently and without much hassle. Companies providing these services call in several professionals to make estimations, draw plans, participate in employee briefings whenever needed and take charge of the packing and transfer of all your office items.

Why choose Office Removals services?

  • Office removals help you plan your move: Professional office removal foremen and staff help you set your office and your employees up for the eventual relocation and can assist in informing utility services such as telephone and electric companies of your move.
  • Office removal relocates your office with as little disturbance as possible: Relocations are to take place during office day offs or when workflow is light.
  • Office removals make use of special equipment for special transfers: Heavy machinery, computers and other equipment are transferred with the use of trolleys and even airlift suspensions.
  • Office removal can also help you with the little details: While most of office removal work is associated with packing and moving furniture and equipment, they can also help you rearrange your file catalogues and libraries to proper order.


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